Computational Radiology Laboratory
Boston Children's Hospital
Department of Radiology
300 Longwood Avenue, WB215
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: +1 857-218-5172
Fax: +1 617-730-4644
Email: help [at]

Access: Google Map, details on Children's website

Directions to Wolbach: Enter Children's Hospital Boston at the Main entrance revolving door to the left. Take the Farley elevators to first floor. Upon exiting elevator, take the hallway in front of you towards the temporary Patient Entertainment Center and pass the International Office. Take a quick left, right in the hallway toward the Center for Families office. There will be doors on the left leading out to Prouty Garden. Go outside and take the path to the right. There are several stairs leading to a side door. Please use this entrance to Wolbach. We are on the second floor, Room 215.